Week Four 15-19 August

SIA SECURITY GUARD LICENCE (wk1 of 2) FULL Lift Youth Hub 9am - 5.30pm Thursday - Friday
OUTDOOR CATERING COURSE Lift Youth Hub 9.30am - 2pm Monday - Friday
BECOME A CONFIDENT CYCLIST Finsbury Park 10am - 12noon Monday - Friday
ANIMAL CARE Freightliners Farm 10am - 1.30pm Monday - Friday
WEBSITE IN A WEEK Business Design Centre 11am - 3pm Monday - Friday
SWIMMING LESSONS Cally Pool 11.30am - 12.15pm Monday - Friday
T-SHIRT DESIGN with King of Trainers FULL Lift Youth Hub 11am - 4pm Monday - Thursday
BIKE MAINTENANCE with YES OUTDOORS FULL Lift Youth Hub 11.30am - 1.30pm Monday - Friday
READY STEADY WORK Platform Youth Hub 12noon - 3pm Monday - Friday
MULTI-ARTS PROGRAMME with Indigo (wk 2 of 2) Platform Youth Hub 12 - 7pm Monday - Friday
SWIMMING LESSONS Ironmonger Row Baths 12.15 - 1pm Monday - Friday
BECOME A CONFIDENT CYCLIST Finsbury Park 1 - 3pm Monday - Friday
EMERGENCY FIRST AID AT WORK Mary's Youth Club 1.30 - 5pm Tuesday - Wednesday
GARDEN LUNCH AND GALLERY TOUR Estorick Collection 1.30 - 4pm Tuesday
INDEPENDENT LIVING COOKERY Lift Youth Hub 3 - 6pm Tuesday - Friday
MAKE YOUR OWN PHONE DOCKING STATION Rose Bowl 4 - 6pm Monday - Friday
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