Privacy Policy


Isledon Arts is a community interest company who run youth services. We are commissioned by Islington Council to manage the Summerversity and Launchpad summer programme. This is being delivered in partnership with a wide range of organisations and is free to young people aged 13-24 who live or are being educated in Islington.

We collect and process personal information to enable us to effectively manage and evaluate the programme. Looking after the personal information you provide and respecting your rights to privacy are very important to us. We will make sure that your personal information is secure and guard it against unauthorised access and loss.

This policy details what we collect, why we collect it, who we share it with, your rights and other important information. Young people or parents can ask for help from a youth worker at Lift, Platform or Rose Bowl youth hubs to go through this policy.


What information do we collect and why?

From young people using the services

Name, address, postcode, date of birth, gender, phone number


To register and identify individuals who wish to take part in the programme and see how often they attend. This informs operational decisions and programme planning. It enables us to show we are meeting targets set by funders, in particular Islington Council. This also helps us make improvements, access funding and make better use of resources in future years.
Medical Conditions To enable us to act quickly in an emergency if someone needs first aid and is unable to easily communicate.
Next of kin name and contact     To enable us to quickly get in contact with a parent or guardian in an emergency.
Email address and phone number

So we can contact individuals for reasons such as booking confirmation, appointment reminders, responding to personal support requests, lost property and other day-to-day issues. Phone calls and text messaging are also sometimes used for providing information, advice and guidance to support young people to progress to education, employment and training. We may send occasional emails, SMS or MMS messages to let people know about programme changes, special events, projects, and new services that might be of special interest. 

Postcode, age, gender, ethnicity, disability  To enable us to see if users are reflective of the communities we serve and that opportunities are being taken equally by all. We will be able to take positive action if not. It is also a requirement of most funding bodies for us to provide this information. This is always used a summary information with no individuals identified.
School or college To ensure that we engage with young people from all Islington’s schools and colleges. We will arrange additional outreach work if we see that any school is under represented. 
Achievements and accreditation To enable us to monitor outcomes to show we are meeting targets set by funders, in particular Islington Council. It informs our programme planning. We also use this information to give references if requested by young people.
  We will only keep your information until your 26th birthday (you are then no longer considered a young person and will no longer be able to use youth services).

Sharing with Islington Council

With consent we would like to share your information with Islington Council so that they can use it to help improve overall services to children and young people in the area. They fund all the programmes that are part of Summerversity and Launchpad and need to ensure that lots of young Islington residents are making regular use of them.

The council also has a safeguarding duty under the Children's Act and the data will be input into Integrated Youth Services Database. You will not receive calls, emails or SMS messages from the council.

When the council uses the information for reports and presentations it is always in a summary format with no individuals identified.

Sharing with other youth providers in London

Isledon Arts run Lift and Rose Bowl youth hubs. When you give your information to one of these it will automatically be accessed by other hub as we all use the same database.

We will also be sharing your information with the relevant youth providers through our database management system I'mHere. So for example if you book on a Football Camp run by Acess to Sports they will also have access to your details for the same reasons as detailed above.

All participating providers will all use your information safely and within the law.

Click for the full list of providers that are using the I'mHere Management System.

Sometimes there will be secondary funders for some activities. They will generally received anonymised reports so they can see how their contribution is being spent. All funders are mentioned on the relevant event or course web pages.

Who sees your information?

The only people who will see your information are employees or people contracted by Isledon Arts or the relevant providers who have been suitably DBS checked and trained in how to handle your information safely, securely and confidentially.

What is the legal basis for collecting your information?

We normally collect information about young people with consent and we will always use it in a way that is fair and lawful under the General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR).

Some information we think is essential for you to give us it forms a basis for being able to access the programmes. In most cases, if you will not consent to give us this essential information then you will not be able to access the programme.

Some information is optional, for example your ethnicity or whether you have a disability. We make it clear on the registration form that you have a choice to give us this information.

Note that we will not share information about you without your permission unless we are legally required to do so. We will also never transfer your personal data outside of the European Economic Area.

Your rights

You have the right to know how we use your information, the right to change your mind about allowing us to use your information at any time and the right to ask that your information is updated or deleted (if there is no legal reason for it being kept). You also have the right not to provide your information in the first place.

If you are under age 13, you have all these rights but also need parental consent for us to process your information. If you give us your information we will contact your parent or guardian to ask for this permission.

To see more about your rights you can visit the website of the Information Commissioners Office.

Asking to see your information

If you would like to see the personal information we hold on you and how we have used it just get in touch. We will give you this within a month. There is no charge.

Contact our Data Protection Officer Jonathan Gibbs by calling 020 3727 0981 or email

If you have agreed to share your personal information with other youth organisations, we will remind you of this so that you can follow up with the other organisations if you choose.

How to complain about how we have used your data

If you think we have made a mistake or broken the law, you can make a complaint. You must contact us in the first instance. If you are not happy with our response, you can ask the Information Commissioner’s Office to investigate. The ICO can be contacted at 01625 545 745 or via their website.


Isledon regularly review and audit the ways we hold, manage and use personal information. Isledon regularly assesses and evaluates our methods and performance in relation to handling personal information.

This policy will be updated as necessary to reflect best practice in data management, security and control and to ensure compliance with any changes or amendments made to GDRP 2018.

Last updated: 30/7/2023 03:26PM