Upcycling Fashion and Textiles

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A series of workshops to recreate and upcycle old clothes, turn yesterday's outfits into brand new items to keep yourself up to date on the latest trends for a fraction of the price of buying them new.

Turn your T-shirts into fashion pieces to be worn this summer. You will learn the following skills:

  • Using patterns to cut out and create an item of clothing
  • Needle work
  • Using a sewing machine
  • Hemming
  • Tailoring clothes to the correct sizes
  • Adding embellishment to garments

Venue: Sotheby Mews Centre
Ages: 13—16
More information:
email DinishaS@highbury-roundhouse.org.uk 
Or call: 07887 414495
Monday 9 August, 4.30—8pm
Tuesday 10 August, 4.30—8pm
Thursday 12 August, 4.30—8pm
Friday 13 August, 4.30—8pm

Open Monday 28 June

Participants of this course will be offered a free meal or packed lunch.

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