Trainer and T-Shirt Design

Franklin Boateng sitting on chair

Create your very own trainer and t-shirt designs under the guidance of Franklin Boateng, founder of King of Trainers. Franklin is the biggest sneaker blogger in the UK, writing on

The four day course will cover the following topics

  • How to design a pair of Trainers
  • What is CAD how does it work
  • What materials you can use on trainers
  • What goes into taking a trainer from manufacturer to retail
  • How do use tools to design a t-shirt
  • Discover the different t-shirt printing processes
  • How to create a t-shirt brand
  • How to make money from your t-shirt brand

Venue: Lift Youth Hub

Ages: 13—24

More info:

Dates and times:

Monday 26 July, 10.45am—4pm
Tuesday 27 July, 10.45am—4pm
Wednesday 28 July, 10.45am—4pm
Thursday 29 July, 10.45am—4pm

Opens Monday 28 June

Participants of this course will be offered a free meal or packed lunch.

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