The Social Media Mind with Franklin Boateng

Multicoloured social media icons

Want to learn how to influence, make money, develop a business and stay safe online? Take this opportunity to meet Franklin Boateng, founder of King of Trainers, social media/business consultant, social influencer, serial entrepreneur, twitter teacher and twogger on this four day course.

This workshops are designed to help people understand the social media circle and covers the following:

  • How social media can affect your job prospects
  • How to create different online profiles  
  • The best way to develop an online profile
  • How what you post can affect your whole life
  • How what you say will always come back to you

Venue: Platform Youth Hub

Ages: 13—24

More info:

Dates and times:

Monday 16 August, 10.45am—4pm
Tuesday 17 August, 10.45am—4pm
Wednesday 18 August, 10.45am—4pm
Thursday 19 August, 10.45am—4pm

Open Monday 28 June

Participants of this course will be offered a free meal or packed lunch.

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