Street Smart Safety With Jigsaw

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Are you at an age where you're being allowed more responsibility? Do you and the people who care for you want to ensure you feel safe? Come and join us on a journey where we work together to learn how to become street smart over the summer, a fun safe and interactive workshop that identifies risk and helps you make better informed decisions.

This is an opportunity to work with other young people to discuss and identify barriers and risks that may affect you while in your community, this workshop covers many different topics such as knife crime, gang preventions, social media, exploitation, and much more. The course will teach you but also involves multi-sports, fun games, competitions, prizes and much more to ensure you are learning and having fun at the same time!

Lunch will be provided in Lift Outdoor Kitchen.

Venue: Lift Youth Hub (click here for address and directions)
Ages: 14—24
More information: email
Monday 8 August, 12.30—3pm
Tuesday 9 August, 12.30—3pm
Wednesday 10 August, 12.30—3pm
Thursday 11 August, 12.30—3pm
Friday 12 August, 12.30—3pm

A free meal will be provided to participants as part of this course

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