Sports Leadership Level 1

3 young people playing sports

A nationally recognised qualification that enables young people to assist in leading purposeful and enjoyable sports and physical activities, under direct supervision. You will learn leadership skills including organisation, planning, communication and teamwork through the medium of sport. Perfect for any young person who wants to get active and develop leadership at the same time. This course is suitable for all genders and levels of fitness, as long as you come with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn.

Please note that full and punctual attendance is required to gain this qualification.

What to wear or bring
Sports kit

All participants of in-person courses will receive a free packed lunch from Lunch Bunch. You are also welcome to bring your own if you prefer. There are vegan, halal and GF options available. Please contact the course organiser if you have any specific dietary requirements.


Venue: Finsbury Park
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Dates and times:
Monday 2 August, 10am—4pm
Tuesday 3 August, 10am—4pm
Wednesday 4 August, 10am—4pm
Thursday 5 August, 10am—4pm
Friday 6 August, 10am—4pm

Open Monday 28 June

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