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Events around the world in recent months have highlighted the lack of inclusion and the many injustices people of colour face on a daily basis. The focus on this global problem has started many conversations and has no doubt raised many questions. This weekly session will create a safe space to ask the questions that have come up, explore how we can bridge the gaps between us and understand the systems of racism that upholds oppression for so many people all over the world.

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Ages: 13—21

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Dates and times:

Tuesday 28 July, 8—9.30pm
Tuesday 4 August, 8—9.30pm
Tuesday 11 August, 8—9.30pm
Tuesday 18 August, 8—9.30pm
Tuesday 25 August, 8—9.30pm

Online Safety

  • Links to sessions will be securely emailed to you after you have signed up and your place has been confirmed
  • Only facilitators can share their screens
  • All sessions will be supervised by facilitators who hold a current DBS certificate
  • There will be no photos or screenshots taken in online courses without participant consent
  • Zoom's breakout rooms and waiting room features will be used on all sessions to ensure that only pre-booked participants can enter and have access to their rooms
  • For more information on safety for online courses, visit this page
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