Outdoor Catering Course


These courses are designed to give you a flavour of what it would be like to start a career in catering and also be part of the team working in Lift's Outdoor Kitchen.

Every day the aim is to prepare and serve a lunch for 40 young people.

The skills covered will include planning, menu design, budgeting, safe storage, food preparation, food hygiene, cooking skills and customer service. We will also focus on life and living skills as we cook.

The menus you will help prepare will include dishes from all around the world as well as local cuisine. There will be vegetarian and Halal options available.

This is also a great opportunity to add to your CV if you are looking for a job in the hospitality industry in a cafe, restaurant, coffee shop or other venue.

A free meal will be provided to participants as part of this course

Venue: Lift Youth Hub (click here for address and directions)

Ages: 13-21

More info: lift@isledon.co.uk

Dates and times:
1 course every week of the summer holidays, starting 25 July
Monday - Friday
9.30am - 2pm

The course will be run by Sharon Clarke

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