Online Yoga And Meditation


This weekly online course will include beginners yoga stretching and poses as well as mindfulness skills that can help with personal well being. If you are worried about social media, what other people think, the lockdown, missing school or college and getting a job then this will help you develop techniques and coping mechanisms to help you feel healthier and happier.

Improve strength and flexibility while also learning how a healthy body can help lead to a healthy mind through breathing, stretching and taking time to focus on yourself.

What to wear
Wear clothes suitable for gentle exercises and try and find a quiet space at home if possible

Bookings - Please sign up to register your interest.

Online Course - you will receive information on how to access the course after your sign up is confirmed.

Ages: 13—21

More info:

Dates and times:

Thursday 23 July, 6.30—8pm
Thursday 30 July, 6.30—8pm
Thursday 6 August, 6.30—8pm
Thursday 13 August, 6.30—8pm
Thursday 20 August, 6.30—8pm

Online Safety

  • Links to sessions will be securely emailed to you after you have signed up and your place has been confirmed
  • Only facilitators can share their screens
  • All sessions will be supervised by facilitators who hold a current DBS certificate
  • There will be no photos or screenshots taken in online courses without participant consent
  • Zoom's breakout rooms and waiting room features will be used on all sessions to ensure that only pre-booked participants can enter and have access to their rooms
  • For more information on safety for online courses, visit this page
Last updated: 2/7/2020 12:54PM