Music Production

Hands typing on keyboard with music mixing in the background


Join specialist music production facilitators from Soapbox Youth Hub for an online course in how to create and produce your own tracks. Even if you're brand new to making music, you'll come away with plenty of skills to continue to learn and improve. The course days will cover topics like:

  •     Introduction and overview of industry standard software
  •     Writing, recording, and producing music
  •    Digital production: how to record, edit and mix live and pre-recorded items, in sound, video and for web content

Each of these workshops will be themed around specific areas of the music industry, including:

  •     Voice and sound
  •     Production, writing and recording
  •     Audio and digital production


Bookings open Monday 28 June

Venue: Soapbox

Ages: 13—19

More info:

Dates and times:

Monday 2 August, 1—3pm
Tuesday 3 August, 1—3pm
Wednesday 4 August, 1—3pm
Thursday 5 August, 1—3pm
Friday 6 August, 1—3pm

Participants of this course will be offered a free meal or packed lunch.

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