MNTR XL with Gain Ctrl

Rocky1h Redicrop

Ready to learn how to make money from your music? MNTR XL is a week long project where we cover exactly that. We will provide you with the information to potentially bring you an income in a way that also protects your rights, work and health. With over ten years of experience in artist development and support for global chart topping artists, songwriters and producers under our belt, we understand that for some the path isn't always clear, so we're here to bring you the truth behind the music industry and arm you with some tricks to get things moving forward.

Venue: Platform Youth Hub
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Dates and times: 
Monday 5 August, 2—5pm
Tuesday 6 August, 2—5pm
Wednesday 7 August, 2—5pm
Thursday 8 August, 2—5pm
Friday 9 August, 2—5pm