Mix and Blend with DJ Joss Simmons

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Learn how to mix and blend music on the latest DJ equipment. This is a beginners DJ course, so no previous experience is required. 

You will learn how to seamlessly move from one track to another, mixing genres and styles while keeping your audience hooked on the tunes you're playing. 

You'll be learning from professional DJ Joss Simmons, and using digital audio files. Music and equipment is supplied, so just come along, have fun and learn an amazing new skill!




Bookings open Monday 28 June

Venue: Rose Bowl
Ages: 13—19
More information: email clive.tachie@isledon.co.uk
Or call: 020 7354 3524
Tuesday 3 August, 4—6pm
Wednesday 4 August, 4—6pm
Thursday 5 August, 4—6pm
Friday 6 August, 4—6pm

Last updated: 18/6/2021 10:04AM