Mindfulness and Meditation

Animated female relaxing while wearing headphones


If you are someone that struggles with anxiety, depression or you find yourself worrying about your future, the lockdown, your appearance on social media or what other people think of you then this is the program for you.

This project will give you mindfulness skills that can help with your personal wellbeing.

We will help you develop techniques and coping mechanisms to help you feel healthier and happier.

Each session will include an in-depth discussion followed by a practical session like yoga, breath work or a creative task. Then the session will end with a meditation journey.

Themes that will be covered include:

  • Introduction to mindfulness and meditation work
  • Mastering the subconscious mind
  • Using more brain capacity and becoming more productive
  • Developing healthy habits, balanced routines and more self love practices.
  • Developing healthier relationships with people social media and technology
  • Having healthy boundaries and great relationships with others
  • Being more empowered and having  more clarity around achieving future goals.

What to wear to bring

Wear clothes suitable for mat-based exercise, some drinking water.

Venue: Lift Youth Hub

Ages: 13—21

More info: indigoprxject@gmail.com

Dates and times:

Tuesday 27 July, 12.30—3pm
Tuesday 3 August, 12.30—3pm
Tuesday 10 August, 12.30—3pm
Tuesday 17 August, 12.30—3pm
Tuesday 24 August, 12.30—3pm

Open Monday 28 June 

Participants of this course will be offered a free meal or packed lunch.

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