Mindfulness and Meditation


This project will give you mindfulness skills that can help with personal wellbeing. If you are worried about social media, what other people think, exams and getting a job then this will help you develop techniques and coping mechanisms to help you feel healthier and happier.

Each session will include an indepth discussion followed by a practial session like chi doe or yoga. The session will end with some meditation. Healthy snacks and drinks will be provided. Themes that will be covered include

  • mastering the subconscious mind
  • using more brain capacity and becoming more productive
  • developing healthy relationships with social media
  • having healthy boundaries and great relationships with others
  • healthy habits, balanced routines, self love and empowerment

What to wear to bring
Wear clothes suitable for mat-based excercises

Venue: Venue: Lift Youth Hub

Ages: 13—21

More info: iindigoart@hotmail.com

Dates and times:

Wednesday 24 July, 2—5pm
Wednesday 31 July, 2—5pm
Wednesday 7 August, 2—5pm
Wednesday 14 August, 2—5pm
Wednesday 21 August, 2—5pm