Making Adverts for Social Media with Film Creatives

Film Creatives Crop

Get creative in this week-long course where you will meet other young people and learn how to create adverts using TikTok and Instagram, perfect for building a portfolio to help you get work in the future in content creation or social media management.

You will learn all aspects of making social media videos like Tiktok, Youtube and Instagram videos. You will learn skills including concept building, writing, storyboarding, filmmaking, camera operating, lighting and editing.

Venue: Platform Youth Hub

Ages: 13—18

More information:

Dates: Monday 22 August, 10am—4pm
Tuesday 23 August, 10am—4pm
Wednesday 24 August, 10am—4pm
Thursday 25 August, 10am—4pm
Friday 26 August, 10am—4pm

A free meal will be provided to participants as part of this course

Last updated: 4/8/2022 04:34PM