Graffiti Arts Project

Grafitti Art Lo

This course covers both the theory and practice of grafitti art. You will learn about drawing, stencils, application, paint pens and spray paint and explore different influences, logos and tags.

Everyone will get a canvas to take away with them at the end of the course.

These street art classes will be held outdoors.

Venue: Sotheby Mews Centre
Ages: 14—18
More information:
Or call: 07887 414495
Monday 9 August, 4.30—8.30pm
Tuesday 10 August, 4.30—8.30pm
Thursday 12 August, 4.30—8.30pm
Friday 13 August, 4.30—8.30pm

Open Monday 28 June

Participants of this course will be offered a free meal or packed lunch.

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