FA Football Referee Course

Ref Course

The FA Referees Course is designed for anyone aged 14 and up who wants to become a referee and move into part-time employment. It will also help with your overall knowledge and understanding of the game. There are both pracical and theory elements to the course including

  • introduction to officiating
  • assessment of football knowledge
  • understanding fouls and misconducts
  • report writing
  • safeguarding children in football
  • application of the law
  • practical skills and personal attributes

Full attendance and good timekeeping is required to pass this course

Venue: Market Road Road Football Pitches
Ages: 14—24
More info: info@accesstosports.org.uk
Dates and times:
Monday 5 August, 9am—5pm
Tuesday 6 August, 9am—5pm
Thursday 8 August, 9am—5pm