Discover and Make with Tech

Tech Maker

This three day course will give a glimpse into the tech revolution where science-fiction is becoming science-fact. Try cutting edge technologies such as 3D HTC Vive and Oculus Go. printing, 3Doodle pens; virtual and augmented reality – using Oculus Rift, virtual reality headsets, Google Cardboard, Have a go at coding with Scratch, Python and Raspberry Pi or video production using 360 degree cameras.

What you will learn about

3D Printing: Using a 3D printer to create and print an object; learning basics of Computer Aided Design (CAD), printer maintenance and troubleshooting; creating a 3D doodle with 3Doodler.
Coding for Games: coding a game on the Raspberry Pi; creating scripts via Scratch/ Python; making characters/ animations that come to life and exploring the interactive shell.
Virtual and Augmented Reality: using augmented and virtual reality tools, including HTC Vive and Oculus Go; learning how VR is revolutionising game production, education and storytelling; assembling and taking home a Google Cardboard kit.
Music Production: learning skills in Ableton Live; making a drumbeat using MIDI patterns; programming/ recording chords and melodies; recording a vocal hook; using FX. Combining these skills to create a 3 minute track with premade music loops.
Podcasting: learning how to produce high quality podcast content - including organisational, journalistic and technical areas; producing a themed podcast.

Venue: Finsbury Park Community Hub
Ages: 13—24
More info: email
Dates and times:
Tuesday 27 August, 12—5pm
Wednesday 28 August, 12—5pm