Carnival Project with Indigo Arts

This year's theme is Re-Root. A call to rediscovering oursleves and our world. We are Re-rooting in culture, in values, in understanding, in nature, in community, in love and in hope. These themes will provide a foundation for all stands of the creative sessions.

All strands start week beginning Monday 26 July and run for four or five weeks at Lift. For the final week we are moving to Platform where we will have dress rehersals and two performances. These will be on Thursday 26 and Friday 27 August.

11am-12.30pm Creative Minds St Pancras Room
12.45-2pm Yoga Performance Dance Studio
2.45-4.30pm Body Painting St Pancras Room
4.45-6.15pm Hula Hoop and Expressive Dance Dance Studio
4.30-6pm Afro Fusion Dance beginners Dance Studio
6.15-7.45pm Afro Fusion Dance advanced Dance Studio
11am-12.45pm Applied drama St Pancras Room
3.30-5pm Creative Writing and Spoken Word St Pancras Room
2.30-4pm Vocals and Soundtrack St Pancras Room
3.15-4.30pm Staging and Prop Design St Pancras Room
5.45-7.15pm Tai Chi Perfomance Dance Studio
11.30am-1pm Costume Making Beginners St Pancras Room
1.30-3pm Costume Making Advanced St Pancras Room
3.15-4.45pm Pop Up Creative St Pancras Room
5-6.30pm Samba Drumming Blue Hall

Creative Minds

Unleash your potential with meditiation and hands on activities Read more

Hoola Hoop and Expressive Dance

Learn tricks, basic weaves and waist hooping for a showcase routine Read more

Creative Writing and Spoken Word

Developing words and stories for the Re-Root video Read more

Tai Chi Performance

Weely sessions that improve your balance and flexibility both physically and mentally Read more

Samba Drumming

Drumming inspired by Brazilian, African and Caribbean rhythms Read more

Yoga Performance

Using yoga postures and body paint to create a performance piece Read more

Afro Fusion Dance

Be part of a carnival-themed dance performance showcase Read more

Vocals and Soundtrack

Improve your singing and create a soundtrack for a performance Read more

Costume Making

Making theatre costumes - designing, sewing and painting for a theatre production Read more

Body Painting

Explore the art of body and face painting and theatrical make up and work towards a theatre production Read more

Applied Drama

Creating a theatrical experience through a range of practices Read more

Staging and Prop Design

Design, build, create and paint staging and props of the production set Read more

Pop Up Creative

Unique taster sessions of different carnival art forms Read more

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