Book Club

Discussing books, stories and fan theories, as well as writing things. Run by local author Adam Ferner. These sessions can be booked individually, or you can sign up for all five days.

For more info on what each day's theme will be, see links below. No need to read anything in advance, just turn up ready to chat and have fun!

All at Platform Youth Hub.

Book Club - Afrofuturism

Mash-up of sci-fi and African culture Read more

Book Club - Race in Britain

Why are immigrant voices under-represented in the media? Read more

Book Club - Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Gender

What will love be like in the future? Read more

Book Club - Historical Fiction

Looking at the real lives of the long-dead Read more

Book Club - Cooking and Culture

Sampling tasty treats and talking about 'food-writing' Read more