11:11 Music Makers Lab

Music Makers Lab 1

Want to make music with others? Sing or rap bars with a live band? Learn a new instrument? 

During Summerversity, you can help start a new group from scratch, making new tunes and performing together.

Anyone can come along, whether you’ve been making music for years or are just getting into it. Whatever your style or genre, you can do vocals, play your own instrument or try out our band instruments. We’ll also give you tips on how to develop your skills singing, rapping, performing and composing. All you need is passion and enthusiasm for music.

There’ll be professional musicians and mentors in all styles of music to help you join in, whatever level you are. 
Who’s this for? 
•    Singers/rappers/spoken word
•    Keys & guitar players
•    Rhythm section players (drums/bass/percussion)
•    Woodwind/brass/string players (e.g. from more of a classical background)
•    Electronic musicians/beatmakers (laptop/phone/loopers)
•    Anyone who hasn’t played music before, but is interested in picking up a band instrument (guitar/bass/drums/keys/vocals).

Coronavirus - possible changes
In the event that the government advice changes, a local outbreak of the infection occurs or the facilitator needs to self-isolate, this course will be moved online.  In addition, we may increase or decrease the number of available spaces if social distancing advice changes. Scroll down for more information on safety.

Bookings - In line with current government guidance, this course may be postponed, moved to an outside venue or moved online. Please sign up to register your interest and you will be informed about any changes as soon as possible.

What to bring

You can bring your own musical instrument from home, otherwise you will loaned instruments. Please bring a packed lunch and some water as well as snacks. No instruments or food should be shared with people from outside of your household. 

Platform Youth Hub (week 1) and Arsenal Hub (week 2)
More information: 
Or call: 
0774 240 0902
Monday 27 July, 10am—3pm
Tuesday 28 July, 10am—3pm
Wednesday 29 July, 10am—3pm
Thursday 30 July, 10am—3pm
Friday 31 July, 10am—3pm

Wednesday 26 August, 10am—3pm @ Arsenal Hub
Thursday 27 August, 10am—3pm @ Arsenal Hub
Friday 28 August, 10am—3pm @ Arsenal Hub

Plus online catch ups between the two weeks.

Health, Safety and Hygiene

  • The space will be thoroughly cleaned before every session
  • There will be a 2m space between the instruments/participants
  • The course will be limited to 12 young people working in separate groups
  • Everyone will be asked to wash their hands or use the provided hand sanitiser before entering the space
  • Individual instruments will be allocated to each person for duration of the sessions
  • Face coverings are optional as social distancing will be maintained at all times
  • For a fully detailed building risk assessment visit Platform Youth Hub

Arun Ghosh will be facilitating this course.

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